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My house needed so much unexpected work and the Long Island Best Roofers crew were able to get all the work done in 1 day. They even showed me all the damaged wood and siding that needed to be repaired prior to making the necessary repairs. Thank you so much!
Ive gone through insurance and was happy with how Long Island Best Roofers made it make it a fast and easy process. Great quality and amazing price. Clean up was impeccable!
Chris P
I was impressed with the entire process from the estimate to the installation. Very professional and responsible. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
Deirdre Hawkins
Long Island Best Ribbon
We had 3 skylights that were leaking which caused more damage to the inside of the house. The crew did an amazing job and showed me exactly what the issue was and what they did to fix it. Really appreciate the expedited services guys!
Marquis Nolan
Long Island Best Roofers was able to replace my roof along with 6 skylights all in one day! We also got quotes from 4 other companies and they were the best all around. Great work guys! Highly recommended.
Steven Nazario
We chose Long Island Best Roofers for their quality, readiness and professionalism. Their crew came by and did such an awesome job with our roof and garage. They were even able to change out my gutters same day after showing me how bad they were. Keep up the awesome work guys!
Erica Bush

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5 Signs You Should Contact a Atlantic Beach, NY Roofing Company ASAP

Looking for a roofer can be a time-consuming and stressful process. While a search for “roofing companies near me” will surely reveal a lot of results, trying to weed through all the different options to find a reputable roof service can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Instead of going through the hassle of researching roofing contractors near you, contact the company that Atlantic Beach NY property owners call first when they’re in need of a roofing company: Long Island Best Roofers We’re a full-service, locally owned, and operated company that has been protecting the homes and businesses of Nassau County with top-quality, reliable, and affordable roofing repairs for years. Whether your roof is leaking, it’s been damaged in a storm, or it’s showing signs of age and needs to be replaced, if you’re looking for a reputable roofer, contact the pros at Long Island Best Roofers.

5 Signs You Need to Get In Touch with Roofers Near You in Nassau County, NY

A roof is a symbol of shelter and safety, and for good reason; it’s your home’s first line of defense against the elements and protects you, your family, and your possessions from rain, sleet, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. Given the vital role a roof plays, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most important parts of your Atlantic Beach NY home; however, like the majority of homeowners, you probably don’t realize when your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

To ensure that your roof continues to protect your home, here’s a look at five telltale signs that indicate you need to contact a Nassau County roofing company.

Accumulate Granules

Roofing Company in Atlantic Beach, NY

On shingled roofs, granules play an important function, as they allow the shingles to shed water, protect them from the harsh UV rays, and even make them resistant to fire. Over time, however, the granules can start to weaken and fall off, and as they do, they collect in your gutters or along the foundation of your Atlantic Beach NY, and when that happens, the roof isn’t going to be doing the job it’s supposed to. Therefore, if you notice an accumulation of granules, you should get in touch with a reputable company that specializes in roof repair near you.


Stand on your lawn and take a look at your roofline. If it looks like it’s sagging in the middle or on the sides, something is structurally wrong. Often the result of a sagging roof is accumulations of heavy snow and ice, strong winds, improper installation, aging, or foundation settling. It can also be caused by inappropriately sized rafters or lack of internal bracing. Whatever the cause, if your roof is sagging, it’s structurally compromised and there’s a chance that it could collapse. Even if the sag is slight, immediately getting in touch with an experienced Nassau County roofing company is an absolute must.

Missing Shingles

Get into the habit of examining your Atlantic Beach, NY roof every once in a while; especially after high winds. If any of the shingles are missing, you need to contact a reputable roofer right away. Shingles protect the underlying components, such as the underlayment and the roof deck, of your roof from moisture, wind, excessive temperatures, and harsh UV rays. When shingles are missing, the underlying components of your roofing system will be exposed to the elements, which could lead to their degradation, and eventually, you could be dealing with serious issues and costly repairs, including leaks and serious structural damage. Whether your roof is missing a single shingle or several, schedule an appointment with a licensed and insured company that specializes in roof repair near you.

Water Damage

In some cases, the signs of roof damage aren’t on the roof itself, but beneath it. Take a look up at your ceilings and in your attic every once in a while, especially after a rain or snowstorm. If you spot any drips, water spots, or you feel any moisture, water is penetrating through your roofing system. At the first sign of water damage, having a reputable Nassau County roofers near you perform a complete inspection as soon as possible is crucial. The longer you delay, the worse the damage will become.

Increased Utility Bills

While there are a lot of factors that can impact your Atlantic Beach, NY heating and cooling bills, such as poor insulation, damaged siding materials, and of course, increased use and rising fuel prices, your roof could also be to blame. If your utility bills keep going up and there doesn’t appear to be a problem with your insulation or siding, you haven’t changed your thermostat, and fuel costs haven’t gone up, call in a Nassau County roofing company such as Long Island Best Roofers. A professional will perform a complete assessment of your roof to determine if the increased heating and cooling expenses are associated with your roof.

Long Island Best Roofers: Nassau County’s Most Reliable Roofing Company

If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned problems or suspect your roof needs to be repaired for any other reasons, call in the pros at Nassau County’s most reputable roofing contractor: Long Island Best Roofers. Our team of licensed and insured roofers will perform a complete inspection of your roof and will make any necessary repairs. To schedule an appointment, call 631-206-6683 today!

Some information about Atlantic Beach, NY

Atlantic Beach is a village in New York. It is located off the South Shore of Long Island in the Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, New York, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the village population was 1,891.

The first real interest in the barrier island of Atlantic Beach came in 1922 when Robert Moses, the famous highway builder and public works czar, and Chairman of the State Council of Parks, included Atlantic beach as part of his ‘State Park Plan for New York’. The blueprint, which is on file at the archives in Albany, showed a parkway from central Queens to a bridge crossing Reynolds Channel with architecturally refined facilities for thousands of beach goers; unfortunately however, cost overruns on many of Mr. Moses’ other projects at the time and other factors dampened his plans which were ultimately abandoned.

In 1923, the village’s first developer, Atlantic Beach Associates led by Stephen P. Pettit, a former Nassau County Sheriff and banker from Freeport, had dreams of creating a place that would rival the City of Long Beach, which was created by a Politician and amusement park operator named William H. Reynolds. He died just after buying land for 3,500 lots in Atlantic Beach.

In 1926, real estate tycoon William Austin, who graduated from Yale University with his associate, Charles N. Talbot Jr, formed Island Park Associates which purchased the land for $4,000,000. William Austin was married to Actress Josephine Sanders, better known as Irene Delroy; the wedding was officiated by Mayor James J. Walker on July 15, 1931. Austin and Talbot completed Pettit’s preliminary dredging and. shoring work, and proceeded to subdivide the property. They installed gas and electricity lines, and a sanitary sewer system was installed in 1927. They began selling land and building homes; the first 45 of the 150 homes they planned on building were financed using a mortgage from The Title Guarantee and Trust Company. The. homes were all designed with seven rooms, two baths, private detached garages on 48′ x 88′ lots and were built in a wide array of styles. Mr. Austin finished Petitt’s plan to build a bridge between Far Rockaway and Atlantic beach, which was opened and dedicated on June 29, 1927. A boardwalk was planned for the entire ocean side but, as constructed, it was about a mile long, stretching from west of The Plaza and extending beyond Vernon Avenue, and double the width of the boardwalk which exists today.

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