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My house needed so much unexpected work and the Long Island Best Roofers crew were able to get all the work done in 1 day. They even showed me all the damaged wood and siding that needed to be repaired prior to making the necessary repairs. Thank you so much!
Ive gone through insurance and was happy with how Long Island Best Roofers made it make it a fast and easy process. Great quality and amazing price. Clean up was impeccable!
Chris P
I was impressed with the entire process from the estimate to the installation. Very professional and responsible. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
Deirdre Hawkins
Long Island Best Ribbon
We had 3 skylights that were leaking which caused more damage to the inside of the house. The crew did an amazing job and showed me exactly what the issue was and what they did to fix it. Really appreciate the expedited services guys!
Marquis Nolan
Long Island Best Roofers was able to replace my roof along with 6 skylights all in one day! We also got quotes from 4 other companies and they were the best all around. Great work guys! Highly recommended.
Steven Nazario
We chose Long Island Best Roofers for their quality, readiness and professionalism. Their crew came by and did such an awesome job with our roof and garage. They were even able to change out my gutters same day after showing me how bad they were. Keep up the awesome work guys!
Erica Bush

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Looking for Roofing Contractors Near You? Key Factors to Consider Before You Hire a Hempstead, NY Roofing Company

With years of experience and a proven track record of success, Long Island Best Roofers has been Nassau County’s go-to source when they’re looking for “roofing contractors near me”. From leaks to missing shingles and complete roof replacements, you can count on our roof service to meet all of your needs. Whether a tree has fallen onto your roof, it’s unexpectedly sprung a leak, or you just want to update the curb appeal of your Hempstead, NY home, if you’re looking for a reputable roofing company, instead of searching the internet for roofers near you, contact a company that you can count on to deliver exceptional results: Long Island Best Roofers. When you choose us as your roofer, you can have complete confidence knowing that your roof repair will be in the best of care.

Important Features to Look for in Roofing Companies Near You

The roof is one of the most important features of your Hempstead, NY home. It’s your first line of defense against the elements and protects the interior of your house – as well as you and your loved ones – from wind, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. In addition to ensuring your comfort and safety, the roof has a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal, and even affects your utility bills. Because a roof is so important, if it’s damaged, exceeds its life expectancy, or you just want to change up the look of your house, you’re going to want to choose the best roofing company possible.

Roofing Contractors Near You in Hempstead, NY

Finding a roofer in Nassau County isn’t hard; just type “roofing companies near me” or “roof repair near” and plenty of companies will show up in your search results. With so many options, trying to decide which roofer to choose can seem like a daunting task. To help make the process a bit easier and point you in the direction of a highly reputable roofer, here’s a look at some key factors to take into consideration when you’re looking for a roofing company in Hempstead, NY.

Years of Experience

When your car needs to be repaired, you probably wouldn’t bring it to a mechanic that only has a few weeks of experience. So why would you pick a roofer that doesn’t have a lot of experience under their belt? When you’re looking for roof repair near you, choose a Hempstead, NY company that has a long-standing history in the Nassau County community and a track record of providing high-quality results. The longer a roofer has been in business, the more experience they’re going to have, and the more experience they have, the better results they’re going to provide.

A Valid License and Insurance

Roof repairs and installation have to be done properly; there is no room for error. Using the right tools, materials, and techniques is an absolute must and will have a direct impact on the results a roofer provides. When you’re looking for roofing companies near you in Nassau County, make sure that they’re licensed, as a license indicates that they’ve received the necessary training that’s required to properly repair your roof.

In addition to a license, a reputable Hempstead, NY roofer will also carry the insurance that’s necessary to protect their clients and their staff from any errors that may occur. General liability insurance prevents you from having to pay for any repairs that may need to be made in the event that the roofing company makes a mistake, and workers compensation protects you from having to cover the costs of any medical care that an employee may require if they sustain an injury on your property.

Fair Pricing and Written Estimates

It goes without saying that you want to get the best price possible for your roof repairs. Reliable roofing companies near you will charge prices that are in-line with industry standards. Of course, you should be leery of a roofing company that charges outlandishly high prices, but you should also be skeptical of a company that charges rates that seem too good to be true because, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

A trustworthy roofer won’t just say they charge fair rates; they’ll put those rates in writing. They should offer a written estimate that highlights all of the fees you’ll be charged, such as labor and materials. Don’t trust word-of-mouth price quotes, as there’s a chance that the company could tell you one price and then end up charging you another (and usually, the final price they’ll charge will be more than you were initially quoted.)

For the Best Roofing Services in Nassau County, Contact Long Island Best Roofers

When researching roofing companies near you in Nassau County, make sure you include Long Island Best Roofers on your list of candidates. Our fully licensed and insured roofing company has years of experience and a proven track record of providing high-quality results at the fairest and most affordable prices. To speak with one of our associates, call 631-206-6683 today!

Some information about Hempstead, NY

The Town of Hempstead is one of the three towns in Nassau County in the U.S. state of New York. It occupies the southwestern part of the county, on the western half of Long Island. Twenty-two incorporated villages are completely or partially within the town. The town’s combined population was 759,757 at the 2010 census, which is the majority of the population of the county and by far the largest of any town in New York. In 2019, its combined population increased to an estimated 759,793 according to the American Community Survey.

The town was first settled around 1644 following the establishment of a treaty between English colonists, John Carman and Robert Fordham, and the Lenape Indians in 1643. Although the settlers were from the English colony of Connecticut, a patent was issued by the government of New Netherland after the settlers had purchased land from the local natives. This transaction is depicted in a mural in the Hempstead Village Hall, reproduced from a poster commemorating the 300th anniversary of Hempstead Village.

In local Dutch-language documents of the 1640s and later, the town was invariably called Heemstede, and several of Hempstead’s original 50 patentees were Dutch, suggesting that Hempstead was named after the Dutch town and/or castle Heemstede, which are near the cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam. However, the authorities possibly had Dutchified a name given by co-founder John Carman, who was born in 1606 in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England, on land owned by his ancestors since the 13th century.

In 1664, the settlement under the new Province of New York adopted the Duke’s Laws, austere statutes that became the basis upon which the laws of many colonies were to be founded. For a time, Hempstead became known as ‘Old Blue’, as a result of the ‘Blue Laws’.

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